The Problem: Military Spouse Employment

There are approximately 690,000 American military spouses.

These statistics clearly show that employment is difficult for military spouses who are often mandated to relocate every 2 to 4 years.

Our Part of the Solution: Coworking Spaces

Numerous organizations have emerged in recent years to help match military spouses with remote working opportunities and support them in the entrepreneurship journey!


With the help our advisory team, Dandelion Dock will support the spouses at the next step - working independently, but not alone.


When military spouses are members of a Dandelion Dock Coworking Space, they become part of a supportive professional network of fellow military spouses and local community professionals.

We believe it is important for our cowork spaces to be located off-post, because we want to help bridge the gap among the civilians and military populations by providing an environment where they can build relationships and work alongside each other.